Q: What is included in the full repair?

A: Removal of all negative accounts listed on your consumer credit report. (Bankruptcy, foreclosure, closed accounts, charge offs, collections accounts and repossessions.) Does not include hard inquiry removal or student loan removal.

Q: What is the difference between the full repair and the collections removal?

A: Collections accounts are one specific type of account that can be listed on a credit report. The collections removal is only for disputing collections accounts. All the other account types listed above will not be disputed with the collections removal package. 

Q: What is the monthly postage fee and when is it due?

A: The monthly postage fee assures that I cam continue to send out dispute letters certified mail on your behalf every month. It covers the cost of postage. The $29 monthly postage fee is to be paid by ALL my clients that I am servicing on the 1st of the month. However, you have until the 14th of the month to pay the postage fee. (Between the 1st and 14th day of the month)

Q: Is the postage fee automatically taken from my account?

A: Yes. Once you purchase the month fee it will automatically come out of your account the same day every month for 6 months. (If you purchase on 1/4 the $29 monthly fee will be deducted on 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 etc.)

Q: What happens if I miss a payment

A: Payments must be made by the 14th of the month. If something comes up, please contact me and let me know to prevent termination. If the next month comes in and the previous month's payment hasn't been made you will be required to start the process over. 

Q: Can I get a refund if nothing comes off of my credit report?

A: Yes! I offer refunds on initial payments if with 160 days after signing up with my company NOTHING is removed from your credit report AND you are up to date with your monthly payments. No questions asked. 

Q: How long after I sign up will I see results?

A: In simple word.. I don't know. I pride myself on being honest with my clients. In the credit repair industry no one knows when/what will come off your report. In no specific order. I can not tell you when you will begin to see results because it's not the same for everyone. However, I can assure you that I dispute aggressively with the credit bureaus to have those negative accounts removed. I would suggest for you to invest at least 6-8 months into credit repair.

Q: Will you help me build my credit after the negative accounts are removed?

A: YES! I will always assist in helping you with ways to build and maintain a high FICO score.

Q: What can I use to monitor my credit while you're fixing it?

A: CreditCheckTotal .. Privacyguard .. Wallethub .. IdentityIQ .. Transunion .. Equifax .. Experian

Q: How can I get a update on my credit report?

A: You can email info@briehive.com. Keep in mind, when letters are sent out on your behalf I will email you and let you know. In between the time I mail out you letters and the credit bureaus respond to you, I can not update you on your progress. The credit bureaus have to do their due diligence with the investigation before I can update you.

Q: It's been 30 days and I haven't gotten anything in the mail.. what to do?

A: The credit bureaus have 30 days from the day they GET my letter to respond. So it's not 30 days since you signed up with my services. I would start counting the 30 days about 5-6 days AFTER you get my email that your dispute letters have been completed and mailed.